Thank you for your support and generosity.

WXRY belongs to you! Your support continues the music and community involvement you love.

WXRY is community-based non-profit radio that  brings people together with their interests and our fellow nonprofits. With the voices of your neighbors, WXRY is a radio station that is by and for Columbia.

You have a part in creating a radio station that profits the whole community. Whether as a volunteer or someone that tunes in every day, you have a vital role in assuring that Columbia continues to have a vibrant voice in a landscape of pre-recorded out-of-town for-profit media.

We depend on the support of organizational suporters like you to continue the music that we play and the service we provide to the community. Our mission is to help build a community of involved, active people doing great things. We do that by bringing you together with community activities, events and organizations that interest you and supporting the creative and non-profit community. As a non-profit organization and an independent public radio station, we rely on contributions from fellow believers in what our community can be as well as businesses and organizations that believe in what we do.


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